Pokéball Chalk Bag

You would expect the Venn diagram of Pokémon and rock climbing to be mutually exclusive. (Except maybe for the six Pokémon that know the move Rock Climb).

Chalk bags are one the most basic of rock climbing tools, and as they provide no safety function, relatively easy to make yourself (providing the prerequisite sewing skills).

So I hunted over the internet, reading plenty of tutorials on making chalk bags and designed my own Pokéball themed chalk bag.

Item Qty.
White fleece 0.25m
White fleece 0.25m
White canvas 0.25m
Red canvas 0.25m
Red nylon fabric 0.25m
Black strapping 0.25m
Red strapping 0.25m
Nylon cord 0.5m
Grommet 1
Cord lock 1
White button 1

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