Pokémon Themed Cross-stitch

It is customary when friends to move into their first home to purchase a gift, whether it be a home appliance, a piece of art, or just some booze. I chose instead on this occasion to make something a lot more personal.

Knowing the intended recipients were far too much into Pokemon than is generally acceptable for someone old enough to be moving into their first house, I decided a Pokemon themed artwork was appropriate. And seeing as 8-bit style graphics make perfect cross-stitch patterns, I committed to making them a “modified” Pokemon Gen I screenshot.

The image I used is shown below, and the modified version adjacent.

Using Octra Bond’s RGB to DMC Code tool, I was able to convert the digital colour codes to DMC cotton codes to get colours as accurate as possible. The actual sewing took about 30 hours….. mostly spent binge watching episodes of Pokemon Breaking Bad.


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